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Monster Tiki Huts is Florida’s Premier Custom Tiki Hut Builders. We specialize in outdoor living and love what we do. Count on our dedicated team for any tiki hut build,or tiki hut rethatch you may require.

We at Monster Tiki Huts are all Tiki Fanatics. We love everything that has to do with tiki huts, in fact the world of tiki is our passion. That’s why we have added a collection of the best things tiki in the market to our site. You can be sure to find the very best Tiki Planters, Tiki Torches, Tiki Books,Tiki Carvings & Tiki D├ęcor and everything Tiki on our site. Enjoy browsing or contact us for any new tiki builds, or rethatching projects!


Monster Tiki is the best builder of authentic Chickee huts and Tiki Huts

Monster Tiki is Florida’s Premier tiki hut builders. Monster Tiki builds custom tiki huts  that are made of natural and authentic cypress poles or pressure treated pine poles that are cured for durability. Our tiki huts are all one of a kind and are built solid. The tiki hut designs we carry are all custom drawn by a licensed Florida architect. Meaning your tiki hut design will be unique, will be up to Florida’s latest building codes and most importantly safe for usage and enjoy-ability. 

 Tiki huts and chickee huts are the best shade you can get in Florida due to the natural thatch that covers the canopy, the thatch is made up of Florida Sable Palmetto. The palms are all individually thatched one palm leaf at a time, layer upon layer in a consistent and uniformed way one o palm leaf at a time, eventually making thick layers of thatch, this that keep the underneath of the huts fresh since it lets the hot air ventilate through it to escape,meanwhile keeping the underneath more fresh then any other material in the market.

The Tiki Huts we build are made of natural cypress trees. A type of tree that that lives,grows and thrives in the wetlands. This tree is also smooth and easy to work with, thus making it an excellent choice for tiki hut construction. Our custom tiki hut builders will more then build you a backyard getaway or tropical paradise, we will build you a work of art, that you will not only admire but also enjoy. 

We build the best chickee huts in the market, the materials of choice are all cypress, cypress for the posts, cypress for the top tiki hut frame and thatched with sable palmetto leaves.The custom chickee huts we build will go great in any backyard or business, residential or commercial anywhere in Florida.

If you’re looking for a shaded structure that you can add plumbing, electric and more to, then let us build you the best tiki hut in the market with the best tiki hut build prices anywhere. The tiki huts we build can be made of pressure treated pine  that will last a lifetime, the posts and poles used for the building will be bug and more resistant to rot then the cypress, this type of material is great for commercial tiki hut construction and the best part is that, we can use a combination of Pressure treated Posts for ground contact and cypress for the top tiki hut framing. 

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Serving Most Of Florida: SouthWest,Tampa Bay,Treasure Coast,South & Central Florida 

  • Cape Coral    
  • Fort Myers 
  • Bonita springs
  • Naples 
  • Marco Island
  • Okeechobee
  • St Lucie County:Port St Lucie|Fort Pierce
  • Palm Beach County : West Palm Beach|Lake Worth|Jupiter|Palm City|Stuart



Florida is Notorious for the weather changes, this fact impacts the durability of the thatch on your tiki hut. Yet while,yes ,some things are out of your hand, the way the tiki hut is thatched will also affect the durability of your tiki hut. This means, that if not thatched correct, not only will your tiki hut thatch not last as long, but you may also see some defects sooner then later. Count on us for all your rethatch projects. We will remove all of the old thatch, haul it away and bring in new palm leaves for your new tiki hut roof.

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