Backyard Tiki Huts Port Charlotte Florida

When thinking of getting a backyard tiki hut, consider Monster Tiki. The premier builders of tiki huts in Port Charlotte Florida. For years Monster Tiki has installed the best tiki huts in the market. There are different designs to choose from and best of all the tiki huts are all custom built. No matter what style or size, Monster Tiki can build your backyard tiki paradise in no time! 

Do You Need Permits for Tiki Huts in Port Charlotte Florida?

Yes, Charlotte County does require permits for tiki huts along with a signed and sealed design. So no matter where you want to install it, consider hiring a reputable tiki hut contractor who knows the local permitting process. This will make the overall project an easy and pleasant process. 

New 9×12 tiki now stands in our beautiful city of Port Saint Looks great!!

Tiki Huts Over Homes or Gutters

Did you know that Monster Tiki can build your tiki hut right over your existing home or gutter? By installing the tiki hut over your home or gutter, it creates an extension of your patio. Essentially you will be dry as you come in and out of your home.  The idea behind the placement is that the rain will fall unto the house roof, then unto the gutters, allowing the underneath of the tiki hut to be completely dry year-round.

Tiki Huts over concrete pads & patios

New roof on this 13’6″x15 tiki hut located in Marco It look Once again…

With Monster Tiki Huts, you will be able to enjoy your backyard like never before. We can install your tiki hut over any existing pad that needs some shade year-round. Most of the tiki huts we build are actually over concrete, pavers or travertine decks. No surprise, the tiki huts provide an excellent amenity to any backyard in Port Charlotte where shade is a must-have. 

New 6×20 tiki completed in Cape Coral wih sanded down pressure treated posts and…

Tiki Huts Near Swimming Pools & Canals in Port Charlotte Florida

When Looking for a swimming pool shade, a tiki hut is a perfect addition. No longer do you have to travel outside your area to get a resort-like feel and ambiance. Our tiki huts can become the most luxurious place to just kick back and relax in your free time. Contact us to get your project started, Monster Tiki is just a phone call away!

Tiki Hut Contractor  Reviews In Port Charlotte Florida 

Count on a professional contractor like Monster Tiki For Tiki Hut Designs, Tiki Hut Re-thatching,  & Poolside Tiki Huts. Contact us today! 


Port Charlotte Florida Tiki Hut Projects 

When looking for the perfect backyard tiki hut builders, consider Monster Tiki Huts, premier builders of tiki huts in Port Charlotte & surrounding areas, check out some recent projects below! 


Standard Pressure-Treated Posts Dark Green

Sanded Pressure Treated Pine Posts (upgrade for the pressure treated posts)

Tropical #1 Posts 

Tropical #2 Posts 

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Two Post Tiki Huts

Tiki Huts with Drop-Down Bell

Jose Lucas

My name is Jose Lucas, I'm the building contractor for Monster Tiki and I can proudly say that I love what I do,(building tiki huts). Along with my father who is the Field Operator we make the best team in Florida for all your tiki hut needs. From building to thatching, we can make your tiki hut the best one yet. Don't hesitate and contact me any time (954)552-2369! Let's work together!

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