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Are you looking for a rethatch of your tiki hut and chickee hut? Well look no further! For years Monster Tiki has been providing the very best rethatch of tiki huts and chickee huts. Since Florida is well known for its constant change in weather we are aware that your tiki hut needs to be thatch correctly and needs expert thatching, otherwise Florida’s constant change in weather will test your integrity of the thatch roof, if done incorrectly or inadequately it will start to break apart, creating a thatch that will not last long and will result in a need for another thatch replacement.Monster Tiki has many years of hands on experience in the palm hut, tiki hut or chickee hut industry and can offer your old thatch roof a new palm leaf replacement.

If you are like most people, trying to find a reputable tiki hut rethatch or tiki hut repair company can become a tedious task, its not exactly like looking at the yellow pages and see the list of tiki hut rethatch specialists. While there may be alot of options, not all work is the same! Just like any important upgrade or service, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  When searching for the best tiki hut rethatch service be sure to look for companies that are licensed & insured, this will save you not only liability issues, but also provide you the peace of mind you need, if you hire the right team, you will no doubt not only enjoy the rethatch phase of your tiki hut, but will also love the new roof of your tiki hut! 

What is a Tiki Hut Rethatch?

A tiki hut rethatch consists of removing the old palms off any pre-existing tiki hut structure, hauling it away and reinstalling new palms. The word comes from Tiki Hut Thatch, the art of thatching or adding palms in the the new structure. Since its now a second time, its a “Re-Thatch”. Monster Tiki can provide your old and worn down roof with the best tiki hut or chickee hut roof replacement anywhere. Our experts will go ahead and strip off all of the old thatch on your existing hut and haul it away. The tiki hut roof replacement will be top notch, the whole process will be a work of art.

What type of Palm Leaves are used for the Thatching your tiki huts or chickee huts?

Monster Tiki has for many years been working alongside the best authentic chickee hut thatchers in the state of Florida. We have learned the traditional thatching methods that can only be learned not in school, but in real life practical hands on approach. Our team has continued the excellent work that has for many years been the skillful trade of the most respected thatchers in the industry. We use authentic sable palm leaves or cabbage palmsfor the thatch roof. This type of palm leaf is a hardy palm that is native to Florida. This allows it not only to make a perfect thatch for the roof of the tiki hut or chickee huts, but also makes it more resistant to bugs or fast decomposition typically found in other types of palm leaves. Our team has many years of hands on harvesting of the palm leaves. This fact allows our team to not only hand select the palm leaves that are high in Quality but also allows our MONSTER team to take care of Quality control throughout the whole thatching process. Therefore delivering a stronger roof for tiki huts, and longer lasting thatch to our clients for many years of enjoyment!

Who is Monster Tiki?

Monster Tiki is Florida’s elite tiki hut team. The reason its an elite tiki hut team is due to the experience and dedication the team provides to all of the projects ever undertaken. The secret is in the pudding, in other words, our experience allows our team to handle each project individually, one at a time and therefore adds a personal touch to each project. Monster Tiki has been in the tiki hut business for many years. Our team is made of the most talented individuals in Florida. From building or rethatching we are the best, supported by thousands of happy clients statewide. We are the best tiki hut building and rethatch professionals!

What is Typical Tiki Hut or Chickee Hut Rethatch Cost?

Tiki Huts and Chickee Huts are some of the most eco-friendly outdoor shade structures in the market. Yet just because they have thatch on the roof does not mean they are all the same. The person or company who installs them will definitely either make or break you. For example, let say you have a standard 10 ft x 10 ft canopy. You hire a local thatcher who charges you only $500. You just won the lottery right? Well you did, in some sense you saved money that can get you a lottery ticket, which if you are lucky then you will win the lottery,but in most typical situations, this will not cut it. The thatcher who installed the thatched roof on your tiki hut had a limited budget. For most professional companies, the job starts at the time you call and place your YES for your tiki hut project. The company has expenses, such as getting the materials. If the company is trustworthy, they have payroll, they have insurance and they have to get the materials most importantly. The $500 budget will only cover so much. So the thatcher will do the job only as good as he’s comfortable with. The roof on your newly thatched hut will be rather thin and palm leaves very separated. Providing your tiki hut with less years then if you would have had you decided to do it right from the beginning.

When you look for the right tiki hut team, you will no doubt find Monster Tiki among the top searches. The reason is because we seldom advertise and only rely on recommendations from neighbor to neighbors. You will hardly see and paid ad from our company in the internet. We pride ourselves in the fact that Quality work sells itself! Yet when looking for a rethatch you probably look at the prices and compare them, like most folks, you are only using the smart judgement of an educated buyer. Yet the prices in rethatches do not mean the same Quality. The process Monster Tiki does is not comparable in numbers of tiki hut projects done, but in good old fashion work ethics, and workmanship done per project!


  Therefore our team has made a simple process for you to get a quote for your tiki hut rethatch.

  Its not only simple, but easy. Check it out! 

Measure Tiki Hut size in length and width for both outside posts and CANOPY and send to our email

Take photos of the inside and outside of the tiki hut and send to our email

Send city location to our team

That’s it! With your given information our specialists will get to work and send you a quote!
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Monster Tiki is an ELITE tiki hut specialists. With many years of experience we will overdeliver on our projects. There a hundreds of different designs, shapes and more of tiki huts in Florida. We have worked for numerous businesses who have put their trust in our team. Check out this photo below:

This is an awesome example of the uniqueness each project poses. The photo above represents one of many designs, the actual shape of the tiki hut is a pentagon. The pentagon shape with a flared cypress post hanging down represents the work of art our team adds unto each project. The tiki hut is located in the treasure coast and is one of many different designs we have worked on. Check out the one below:

This Custom tiki hut is made out of solid pressure treated pine. Our expert craftsman and tiki hut builders can rethatch your tiki hut and awe you in the process.

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