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Premier South West Florida Tiki Huts for Backyard & Businesses 

Tiki huts are an excellent way to bring in good times with family and friends and have proven to even hike up the sales in businesses because tiki huts offer a nice and exclusive theme and shade that is unique to Florida. For years tiki hut were a scene you could only see in the beaches or on vacation, not any more. With so many changes and the world constantly evolving more and more people are starting to realize then a tiki hut is both economical and something realistic that can be done here in the Southwest Florida community. 

What are Tiki Huts?

When going on vacation you must have seen these thatch structures standing over water, near the water or as shade structures that welcome tourists and where most people are just relaxing and seem to just having the time of their lives. Tiki Huts are actually similar to these structures, the frame of the tiki hut can be made of many materials, such as pressure treated pine lumber, cypress, eucalyptus, cedar and much more, but typically in Florida you can see the structure made from either for of pressure treated pine and cypress. The roof of the tiki huts are made of natural palm leaves, the palm leaves provide a nice and cool shade underneath because it lets the hot air ventilate through the palms. 

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Florida Tiki Huts

Florida Tiki Huts can be best described as one of the best shade structures in the planet, since Florida has a hot a tropical climate, this is an ideal place for the tiki huts to flourish. The weather is similar to the tropical areas in the world, and Florida has nice coastal beaches in which make it an ideal place for tiki huts to act as a shade structure for people to just kick back and relax. In Florida, its common to see huge tiki huts in the Florida Keys and in businesses, this has only been rising as the need for an outdoor space is taken into consideration. A tiki hut can provide nice experience and pleasant breeze if the wind is blowing. As more people are starting to enjoy their backyard, doing some landscaping adjustments and improvements, it makes more sense then ever to install tiki hut for both shade and social purposes, the tiki huts are all unique as are the backyards they are installed in. Some tiki huts are larger and others smaller depending on the place they are installed, but they all do the same purpose of altering your lifestyle and provide a place to relax or as a social gathering spot, where most often, the tiki hut is the center of attention. 

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Custom Tiki Huts

Custom tiki huts provide a nice and unique backyard structure much as pergolas and arbors, or trellises. The difference lies in the tiki hut,where the others are open,the tiki hut offers a nice thatched shade that is weather proof and you can enjoy the tiki hut through rain or shine. There are few competent companies who can offer you a true custom tiki hut. A custom tiki hut will ideally have your ideas along with the ideas of the tiki hut company you choose to hire. Some of the best custom tiki huts incorporate a mix of lengths and widths, where the actual size and shape depends entirely on your backyard or space. There are some different features your tiki hut can have, such as a cypress bell drooping down the center, or it can be a hip roof tiki hut, where the top ridge is smaller or gable style tiki hut, where the roof of the tiki hut is squared and parallel to the girders.  This photo is a classic example if the cypress bell drooping down and the tiki hut to have an open A Frame area, this tiki hut was built in Port St Lucie Florida. The owner wanted the open A frame on one end to be able to view his palm landscaping area, the way the tiki hut was built provided and took in all of his requirements along with a few ideas from our team. The end result is a unique blend of customization and customer satisfaction. 

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Tiki Hut Builders

Monster Tiki is Southwest Florida’s Premier Tiki Hut Builders. We can custom built any tiki hut you can imagine, from standard sizes 12 ft x12 ft canopy sizes to more, there is nothing we can not build or imagine. For years Monster Tiki has been building custom tiki huts in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Lehigh Acres, Immokalee and Labelle Florida. We are not only local, but the best tiki hut builders in the industry. Its time to enjoy your backyard once more,with your own custom tiki hut by Monster Tiki. Our professional building services has been true and tried again and again and again over many years, and we can make the best backyard tiki huts in the market because we emphasize great workmanship and emphasize customer satisfaction to the fullest. 

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Tiki Huts Near Swimming Pools 

Tiki Huts are a nice addition to swimming pools, they offer a poolside shade and are nice to lay under when you are done swimming or just taking a break. Some of the tiki huts we have made are for resorts and large companies who want a nice and natural shade to protect their guests as they go out for a swim, this provides a nice and smooth experience for the guests. The tiki huts are not only providing shade, but also great memories. So our tiki huts are great additions to your swimming area, we have worked with numerous pool companies that build the pool and we the tiki huts, so much is the positive affects that its not only becoming a popular trend but also a necessity for every pool owner who wants to enjoy the freshest shade Florida has to offer. 

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Local Tiki Hut Company Offering Both Tiki Hut Building & Rethatch Service

Monster Tiki is Southwest Florida’s Premier Tiki Hut Builders. No size is too small or too large for our team. Areas we have worked in are:

Bradenton, Manatee County. Bonita Springs, Lee County. Cape Coral, Lee County. Fort Myers, Lee County. Naples, Collier County. North Port, Sarasota County. Sarasota, Sarasota County. Punta Gorda, Charlotte County.  

Our Team of professional tiki hut builders can work all over Southwest Florida. We are based off Labelle,Florida and can travel to your location for new tiki hut construction or rethatch of existing tiki huts. So if you are thinking tiki, get in touch with MONSTER TIKI. 

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