Cape Coral Florida Premier Tiki Hut Builders & Designs

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Cape Coral Florida Premier Tiki Hut Builders & Designs


When thinking of getting a tiki hut,think big, think Monster Tiki. Monster Tiki is Cape Coral Floridas’ premier custom tiki hut builders who can provide the best custom cypress tiki hut construction and designs. Our natural thatch for the top roof make Monster Tiki Huts the ideal shade solution for your backyard. Not all tiki huts are the same and they difer by who builds them. A well built tiki hut will provide your backyard a nice and relaxing shade for many years.

What in the World is a Tiki Hut?

When you think about backyard shade solutions, you often overlook a tiki hut, you can think of pergolas, gazebos and even canopy shades, but not a tiki hut, but did you know a tiki hut has many advantages over the other shades?For example, a tiki hut will be weather proof, it can be raining or shining, no problem, with the thick thatch, the water will not filter through the palms and nor will it make it hot underneath, in fact it will be about 10-15 degrees more cool underneath because the hot air will ventilate through the palm leaves. 

Cape Coral Florida Premier Tiki Hut Builders & Designs

Tiki Huts and Chickee Huts are often thought to be different because of who builds them, in Florida, a tiki hut can mean pulling a building and zoning permit while a chickee it can mean just being ok with zoning, well this used to be the case, but not anymore. Now, no matter who builds them, a tiki hut or chickee hut, you will be required to pull a permit, to pull the permit you will need a set of plans with a stamped signed and sealed signature by an architect. With Monster Tiki you can be more then sure, we got you covered. We are local Cape Coral building contractors who can build the best tiki huts in the market and take care of all the paperwork, so you can can enjoy more and worry less. 

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Cape Coral Tiki Hut Umbrellas 

Tiki Hut Umbrellas 

Tiki Hut Umbrellas are actually tiki huts with a single post, a single post tiki hut umbrella is a nice addon to your dock, your dock will be changed with just this simple addon. The thatched single post umbrella is a nice source of shade in which you can be under while watching the water and enjoying the nice breeze coming in from the ocean or canal. With Monster Tiki, you can be sure to get the best tiki hut umbrellas in the market, not those flimsy kits you get online that blow away in the first storm. 

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Local Cape Coral Tiki Hut Company & Tiki Hut Contractors

Monster Tiki is Cape Corals local tiki hut company building in and out of Cape Coral Florida for many years,our designs can be seen almost everywhere in the Cape Coral area, we have thatched some tiki huts that you can only imagine. For over many years we have been building some of the most awesome tiki huts in the market. Our tiki huts structures are made out of the best materials Florida has to offer, natural cypress and natural palm leaves, this is the upmost eco-friendly palm hut structures Florida can provide. The palm huts create a unique and tropical ambiance that you would expect only while in vacation. 

Monster Tiki Services:

  • Custom Tiki Huts
  • Palm Huts
  • Thatched Roofs
  • Single Post Umbrellas
  • Tiki Hut Rethatching 
  • Tiki Hut Repairs
  • Chickee Huts

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Local Cape Coral Tiki Hut Builders

What is a more exciting way to enjoy your backyard then under a tiki hut, no matter how small or how big you choose to make it, we can be sure to only provide you the best tiki huts in the market. Our tiki huts are strong,sturdy and unlike the online kits, we build them on site, this means you get to watch our professional tiki hut builders build your custom tiki hut and create a work of art, our styles of building go unmatched, and you will be amazed on our work and professional building techniques, don’t settle for less, hire Monster Tiki for your next tiki hut project. Get a professional tiki hut builder to build your tiki hut and you will not only cherish your unique custom made on site tiki hut but you will love the personalized tiki hut because we will work together to bring in ideas for your backyard, to make it your own. We understand that no tiki huts are alike, everyone is different and no matter what, your tiki hut will be built by the best tiki hut builders in Cape Coral Florida. 

We can build:

  • Tiki Huts over Canals & Waterways
  • Tiki Huts over Concrete Slabs
  • Tiki Huts over Pavers 
  • Tiki Huts on Decks
  • Tiki Huts on Water
  • Tiki Huts on Docks
  • Tiki Huts in Backyards
  • Custom Tiki Huts
  • Custom Chickee Huts
  • Palm Huts
  • Thatched Roofs

We build tiki huts in hotels, restaurants, villas, private homes, bars, retirement communities, golf courses, event venues, beachfront condos and any commercial or residential area in Florida.

Check Out Some of our Tiki Hut Construction Projects

Check out Some of our Tiki Hut Rethatching Projects

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Rethatching Your Existing Tiki Hut in Cape Coral Florida

If you already have an existing tiki hut, we can also rethatch your tiki hut with new palm leaves. Our palm leaves are hand selected and harvested by our team, this allows us to better serve you by providing the best materials for your thatched roof. We are rethatching ninjas, we can remove all of the old palms, haul them away and bring in new palm fronds for your new tiki hut roof, we then proceeds to install that palm fronds, one leaf at a time, from the bottom to the very peak, and this will create a thick layer of palm leaves that will make your tiki hut brand new, the palm leaves will protect you from Florida’s notorious hot sun and rainy seasons,this will provide your tiki hut roof with the best “tiki lift” in the market. If you are thinking of reroofing your tiki hut thatch that is worn down, think big, and think Monster Tiki, no job is too small or too big for our professionals, we have done them all. 



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