Commercial Tiki Huts

"Monster Tiki Huts did a great job on our Cape Coral project! Their uniformed team was on time, took great pride in their work, and cleaned up after themselves - leaving my yard and dock spotless! The quality of the materials and workmanship are evident in every aspect of the job, and they were a pleasure to work with from design consultation to completion. I will be sure to recommend the Monster Tiki Team to all of my friends and neighbors."-Charlie Mo

"Jose and Monster TikI Huts are awesome to work with. They showed up right on time and re thatched my tiki better than it was before. They did an exceptional job cleaning up. Highly recommend."-Doug Allee

"Dear Jose, The tiki hut turned out far better then anyone expected and i must say, its the most solid construction of a tiki hut i've ever seen."
-Hernando Bullough- construction manager

"Best Tiki Hut Builders in Florida, thanks you for the shade!."
-Michael Rzepka

-Gasper Guo

"Thumbs Up, came out better then i imagined!"-Jenn Cunnington

"Great Job Rethatching my tiki, looks better then the first time i had it built!"-Bruce Hotep

"Everyone on my facebook is so excited and can't wait to come and hang out with us!"-Cristie Margolin

"Thanks guys,neat job, professional and highly recommended"
-Waldemar Rookard

"Now, its truly a resort, thanks Monster!"
-Hendrick Duke


Looking for a Commercial Tiki Hut Contractor?

Commercial Tiki Huts
Commercial Tiki Huts

This is all we do at Monster Tiki. We will offer you expert support on the best designs for your business and build your custom tiki hut according to your specs. Proudly serving all of Florida.

Commercial Tiki Huts provide your business with a traffic & profit boost. Monster Tiki specializes in commercial Tiki Huts for commercial locations throughout Florida. Anything from tiki huts to tiki hut umbrellas, our team can design the best tiki huts with both luxury & tropical ambiance.

  • ✏️Commercial tiki huts provide a tropical ambiance to any establishment. This will attract more traffic and more sales.
  • ✏️In a hotel or a bar, customers would love the outdoor environment in commercial tiki hut as opposed to staying indoors in the hotel room or bar area.


Your business may be losing clients– let us change that.

With many years of experience, Monster Tiki has seen that adding a tiki hut to any business actually boosts profits. The profit margin & sales increases by adding a tiki hut. A tiki hut provides an extension to the business by providing both an “indoor” and “outdoor” environment. Provides an option to your customers and they, in turn, have a better experience, which in turn provides more referrals and recommendations. The more traffic to your establishment, the more profits you can make.

How can this be managed?

Commercial Tiki Huts actually provide you with more options then you may think. With commercial tiki huts, you will be able to advertise as a true tropical oasis. You see, put yourself as a customer, you are the local business. What will make your business stand out from the rest of the establishments? Without a doubt, what makes businesses prosper or fail are customer returns and customer satisfaction. 

Benefits For Your Customer Satisfaction:

  •  fresh air improves your mood by decreasing anxiety and increasing happiness
  • Spending time outdoors also improves concentration, memory, and attention
  • reduces stress levels, and it may even help you heal faster
  •  offers the chance to slow down and relax
  • great place for conversations and gathering


What is the right size of commercial Tiki huts for you?

Now that you know the basics of commercial tiki huts, we want to dig even deeper and look at how you can arrive at the right size of commercial tiki hut for your commercial site.

  • ?The services you offer

Evidently, the size of your commercial tiki hut should be in line with the services that you offer. If you host big events in your business and you want to have them held in the tiki hut, think about the number of people that can be under your tiki hut at any given time. Tiki Huts range from single post tiki huts to four or more posts, the bigger, the more capacity your tiki hut will have for people. Keep in mind that a larger tiki hut(multi-purpose) will have more space to meet emerging needs. 

  • ?The available space in your entity

The space you set aside for your commercial tiki hut will determine the size of the hut itself. It is very simple, you get a large tiki hut if you have more spacious commercial compound. On the other hand, you will have to cope with a smaller one if you are limited with space. If your space is large but not regular in shape, we can build irregularly shaped tiki huts or just build a number of smaller commercial tiki huts. These will come in handy for hosting groups of independent meetings or gatherings. 

  • ?Design of commercial tiki hut needed

The design of commercial tiki hut needed also influences the size. If you do not have a specific design in mind, you can always consult a professional contractor you can entrust with the service. The professional will listen to your needs and suggest suitable designs for you. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the common designs highlighted on this website. It will inform you or give some direction while negotiating with the contractor.

  • ? The planned budget

Needless to say, the budget you put aside for building your commercial tiki hut will greatly influence the size you can manage. The fact is: you will have to dig deeper in your pocket if you want to build large commercial tiki huts. Sometimes though, not always is the budget in line with the size you get. Some contractors might just overcharge you. Sometimes still, some inexperienced contractors bid for less only to disappoint on quality. The deal is to be careful while deciding on the contractor to work with. You should get the best value for your money while not losing quality, so be sure to hire a reputable licensed contractor for your project.

What about the right style for you?

The list of possible styles for your commercial tiki hut is staggering. We bring out the best styles on this website. Note that the number of styles cannot be exhausted. Everyone can easily come up with a new style just anytime. The only limitation, however, is with the local regulations that govern the building codes. These are the regulations specific to locations. If you are not aware of specific regulations in your area, you can always discuss with your contractor. You can also get their recommendation on the style that is in line with your business needs.

Do not miss a point here:

You should be versed with the regulations before you commence the construction. This will spare you the huge losses that you incur when you failed to adhere to the set regulations. 

Where can Monster Tiki install Commercial Tiki Huts?

  • ?hotels, restaurants, villas, RV Motorcoach Resorts, Parks, Schools, private homes, bars, retirement communities, golf courses, clubhouses, event venues, beachfront condos and any commercial or residential area in Florida.

All Commercial Tiki Huts are built on site. They are built out of heavy materials and cannot be assembled in sections. Must be done in pieces as required by the contractor.

  • For one, you get a chance to tell us your specific needs so we can customize them for you.
  • We use strong construction materials so your commercial tiki huts 
  • We offer different designs based on your location and requirements.


Prices for commercial Tiki Huts

We do not have fixed pricing for commercial tiki huts construction. Price determination is complex. Among the price consideration is the specific needs for the business and type of designs implemented. The following also play part in price determination:

  • The size of the commercial Tiki Hut required
  • Whether or not the materials are readily available in your location
  • Architectural cost
  • Permit Cost
  • Distance to your site
  • The cost of necessary permits

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