Cypress or Pressure Treated Post Bell Drop down

8x14x16 ft pentagon with flared center post , this beautiful custom built Tiki hut…

Add a unique look and style to your backyard tiki hut design. Monster Tiki offers many options and one such option is the ability to install a cypress stump or even a simple portion of the post. The ideas behind this option is to provide you the ability to install a ceiling fan, or just to sit back and marvel at the beauty of the cypress stump.

What is a Cypress Stump?

  • A cypress stump is essentially the thickest portion of the tree at the bottom from which the roots grow out. When harvested for a tiki hut, the cypress tree is actually used both at bottom and top. 
  • Its a popular Addition to tiki huts that come to a point at the center
  • Any tiki hut that is Squared can have this cypress bell coming down as a drop down
  • Its standard to Torch the Cypress Bell then add Spar Urethane as a protective coat.

When you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the pressure treated or cypress post drop down, that is not the Bell(stump). This allows your tiki hut to have the same design and layout, without the cypress stump which can be considered an upgrade.

Contact us and check out the photos of Our Cypress Bell,or cypress/pressure treated post Drop-Down Below:


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