Florida Tiki Hut Re-thatching Guide

In Florida, you can have a backyard oasis whenever you incorporate a tiki hut into your landscaping designs, backyards or businesses. You will find yourself in the world of tiki, where the birds are always chirping & its always 5 o’clock somewhere. Where families and friends gather around for barbeques and everyone just relaxes and has a great time. This is the case for many proud tiki hut owners in Florida. The thatch provides a cool shade when the summer is at its peak or when swimming in the pool, the tiki hut provides a chill spot to just lounge away and relax as the cool wind flow in and you’re transported to the Caribbean, but right in your backyard.  A tiki hut ends up being the center of attention, a place to go to no matter if you want entertainment or tranquility. 

 This article was made to help you make the right decisions in replacing the old roof of your tiki hut or chickee hut. Let’s start off with discussing the concept of what exactly a tiki hut rethatch is, what its made of and what you should expect.

What is a Tiki Hut Rethatch?

The art of tiki hut rethatching consists of removing existing palm leaves of the tiki hut structure (typically done after 5 years average lifespan of a thatch roof, the years the thatch roof lasts totally depends on many factors) and replacing it with new palm fronds. Essentially look at it like this, a rethatch is that. Re-attaching the palm fronds unto the tiki hut structure. 

Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

In Florida, hiring an unlicensed contractor may seem too easy. For the sake of yourself, and the safety of the contractor be sure to verify any license or insurance needed to get the job done.

First of all expect the company who you hire to have insurance & license to do the job, although not too often,( but it does happen) the wood is damaged on your tiki hut, if the wood is damaged anyone who gets on top to replace the thatch roof is in DANGER of falling straight down through the structure and potentially hurting himself or anyone underneath the roof at that time and if they get hurt, expect a lawsuit to follow. This applies to any field in the construction industry. By having a reputable tiki hut company with insurance to do the job, you will not only get the tiki hut roof replaced correctly, but also avoid any potential accidents, or if it does happen, will be covered by insurance. 

When do you know when your tiki hut needs a re-thatch?

After 4-5 years of having a tiki hut, and you see water slowly starting to go through the roof, its time for a tiki hut rethatch. Alternatively, you may even see some daylight coming through the roof, don’t try to patch the tiki hut, it may seem to easy, then you may end up making the hole much larger.

What if I just need a tiki hut repair? 

When the hole is at the peak of the tiki hut, it may be possible for a tiki hut repair. The way the system works is like a roof of a house, the thatch gets installed from the bottom up, so in theory, if the hole is anywhere at the middle of the thatch roof, or even at the bottom, the section above it needs to come off to reach the location.  The lower the hole is the more roof has to come off to get to it, makes sense right? If the hole is anywhere past the 2nd row from the top down, its best to get a re-thatch. Otherwise, you will just be replacing half of the roof and leaving the other half with the old palms, in a year or two you may need to replace the other half, so then you will need to remove the section you just replaced anyways. 

Finding a tiki hut contractor to Re-thatch Your Florida Tiki Hut On Google

When looking for reputable tiki hut company look for a contractor that has GREAT communication, is able to provide proof of insurance and can show you past projects done. This simple but effective step will allow you to know that the contractor will be supportive and show good communication even after the job is finished. 

The reputable tiki hut company you hire will arrive and start removing the palms from the existing tiki hut roof, hauling it away and bringing in new palm leaves for the thatch replacement. Please consider the following points PRIOR to the tiki hut company arriving:

Things to Remove from Under your Tiki Hut:

  • The weather is unpredictable, any items you need not get wet
  • Any items you need not get broken
  • If you have any items you consider to valuable to even get dust on, please remove
  • Any signs, flags or electronics
  • Any furniture you don’t want to get damaged

Landscaping your Backyard?

  • do consider the tiki hut roof will create debris, so if you are going to mulch the area the tiki hut is on, please do so AFTER the thatch is installed. 
  • If you are thinking about adding landscaping plants (if not there already) please do so AFTER the thatch is installed
  • If you have landscape lighting, please remove them, any old thatch that’s coming down will or may damage it.

Have a Swimming Pool Near Your Tiki Hut?

  • Do cover the swimming pool, any nails that get into it if they are taken off the roof of the tiki may stain the pool area. 
  • Do cover the swimming pool, if you do not want dust or debris to fly in it( the weather may be windy that day)
  • Do let the contractor know you have a pool, he may take extra steps to ensure the pool is protected.