Residential Backyard Tiki Huts

No matter if you have never been under these cool shaded structures, you will find that a tiki hut will actually add a resort like ambiance to your backyard. 

With more options then never before its time to make your backyard ambiance feel like a tropical resort. Who said you can’t have a vacation right in your backyard?

"Monster Tiki Huts did a great job on our Cape Coral project! Their uniformed team was on time, took great pride in their work, and cleaned up after themselves - leaving my yard and dock spotless! The quality of the materials and workmanship are evident in every aspect of the job, and they were a pleasure to work with from design consultation to completion. I will be sure to recommend the Monster Tiki Team to all of my friends and neighbors."-Charlie Mo

"Jose and Monster TikI Huts are awesome to work with. They showed up right on time and re thatched my tiki better than it was before. They did an exceptional job cleaning up. Highly recommend."-Doug Allee

"Dear Jose, The tiki hut turned out far better then anyone expected and i must say, its the most solid construction of a tiki hut i've ever seen."
-Hernando Bullough- construction manager

"Best Tiki Hut Builders in Florida, thanks you for the shade!."
-Michael Rzepka

-Gasper Guo

"Thumbs Up, came out better then i imagined!"-Jenn Cunnington

"Great Job Rethatching my tiki, looks better then the first time i had it built!"-Bruce Hotep

"Everyone on my facebook is so excited and can't wait to come and hang out with us!"-Cristie Margolin

"Thanks guys,neat job, professional and highly recommended"
-Waldemar Rookard

"Now, its truly a resort, thanks Monster!"
-Hendrick Duke



    • offers a place to relax
    • protection from the scorching sun & harmful UV rays
    • outdoor living space
    • attractive add-on to the backyard
    • provides a tropical vacation atmosphere
    • low maintenance
    • can use it as a shade, whereby a tiki hut is approx. 10-15 degrees cooler underneath
    • better outdoor enjoyment, do not have to be stuck inside or indoors all day

    Is Your backyard Too Hot To Be Outdoors?

    Admit it, every time you want to go outdoors its just too hot, and this situation is a common problem in Florida. As is, most Americans are already dehydrated according to studies. This is too well the case for most Floridians, especially during the hot summer days, and due to this, most people do not even consider going outdoors during the day, this is an upward trend, whereas time goes on, less and fewer people are outdoors due to the hot sun. Too much sun can cause health issues, such as:

    • Skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma)
    • Premature aging and other skin damage
    • Cataracts and other eye damage
    • Immune system suppression


    Tiki Huts For Residential Shade Solutions

    That is why it’s important to have some sort of shade outside, although there are different shade solutions, a tiki hut is by far a perfect eco-friendly shade solution. With the structure being strong and sturdy, you can even hang a hammock from the posts, and the thatch being waterproof and the underneath being fresh, it will change the way you view your backyard. Tiki Huts offer the best shade solution for residential homes. They can be installed next to swimming pools, kid play areas, over outdoor kitchens, on paved areas, on wooden decks and concrete pads. The structure will last for over 10 years and thatch is made out of natural palm leaves, this allows the thatch roof if installed correctly to last over 5 years. 

    Choosing The Size You Need 

    When looking at the size you may need for your tiki hut, there are several things to consider. Knowing these things will help you may the right decision when it comes to selecting the right size that best fits your backyard. 

    • Purpose of the tiki hut

    Knowing the purpose of the tiki hut will help you make a better buying decision. If you want your tiki hut just for a hammock or wooden swing support, then your tiki hut can be built differently vs if you want to use your tiki hut for the family get-togethers, events or even as an entertainment area. As times will have it, the bigger the tiki hut, the more ways you can find a use for the shade it provides.

    • Space availability

    More often then not, the space available in your backyard will be important if not the most important factor when it comes to choosing the size of your tropical tiki hut. For smaller spaces available, its recommended to use single post tiki hut umbrellas, these types of umbrellas require less space and can more times than not serve the purpose you want and where there is more space, you definitely consider a larger tiki hut. The larger the tiki hut, the more posts it will require & more space it will take up.

    • Design You Want

    Designing your custom backyard tiki hut is not easy. This is why it is important to hire a professional. The professional contractor will help you in your design and will help you layout different design in your backyard. There may be some different designs or layouts that you may not even know exists and the professional contractor can help you by providing important feedback and most importantly, experience.

    • Budget

    Among the many factors that will impact the size, the layout, and the way you built your tiki hut is the budget you have towards your project. One key note to consider is this, you get what you pay for. Do some research and hire a reputable tiki hut contractor that will let you have the most for your set budget, while not cutting corners or lessening the Quality in your project. 

    Choosing The style of Tiki Hut


    ⚠️You May Also Be Interested in Our Other Type of Tiki Hut Designs:⚠️

    There are many styles to choose from when you are getting your tiki hut built. Take your time and browse through some of our projects to learn more about the sizes, shapes and to get a visual of what can be done on your project. 

    Typically there is no limit to your custom built tiki hut. The only limits may come from local building regulations, setbacks or height restrictions. A professional builder & contractor will know how to work with these restrictions, if any, and implement it on the field. Creating the ultimate tiki paradise!

    Knowing the Local Permit Requirements & Setbacks

    When it comes to building your tiki hut, knowing the setbacks and any easements on your property is among the most important aspects and should affect your decision on placement, style and most importantly, availability to place a tiki hut in your backyard. Some local jurisdictions have strict regulations on what is allowed and what is not allowed in your property. Knowing these things in advance will save you, and your contractor both time, and money.

    Risks of placing Tiki Huts on Easements or within setbacks: 

    • Think of a tiki hut as a shed, which is also an accessory structure. Typically you will need to have it removed and placed elsewhere. For tiki huts. This can mean demolishing and rebuilding from scratch, expensive fines and even legal disputes on who is to be responsible for the placement.


    • Lawn Areas
    • Over Docks, Waterways
    • Play Areas
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Pool Decks
    • Patio Areas
    • Over Concrete Slabs, Pavers 
    • Tiki Huts on Wooden Decks
    • Tiki Huts on Water
    • Tiki Huts in Backyards

    We build tiki huts in hotels, restaurants, villas, private homes, bars, retirement communities, golf courses, event venues, beachfront condos and any commercial or residential area in Florida.

      Residential Tiki Hut Builders

      For many years Monster Tiki has built the most advanced tiki huts in the market, our construction methods are approved by a Florida Registered Architect and comply with all of the local and state building codes. Our residential tiki hut builders will not only impress you with the way your tiki hut can be installed but unlike any other backyard structure, our tiki huts are not pre-assembled. They are built on site. Being Residential Tiki Hut Builders for many years, we have the experience to beautify the art of tiki with a personal touch and finish, making your tiki hut as unique as your backyard. 

      Building Tiki Huts On Site

      Pre Assembled Tiki Kits

      • Allows for customizations
      • can build different layouts and designs
      • can be unique according to your specs
      • can be made of heavy-duty materials
      • will last for many years
      • can be made differently, with posts at different heights
      • All construction will be build using state building codes

      • made of light & cheap materials
      • thatch may not be waterproof
      • the thatch usually lasts for over a year
      • is lightweight, can fly away in strong winds
      • cannot be customized
      • once you buy it, you have to assemble

       Tiki Hut Prices For Residential Tiki Huts

      There is no set price for tiki hut builds, this rule applies because unlike the tiki kits, tiki huts build are made on site, and are not shipped to the buyer. This means that there are a lot of variables in how much a tiki hut would cost. Some of the variables include: 

      • Distance for travel
      • Availability of materials
      • Architectural cost
      • Permit Cost
      • The size of the tiki hut

      What People Are Saying About Monster Tiki:

      While these are just some basic variables, each tiki hut project is unique and that is why Monster Tiki Invites you to contact us.