Reasons Why a Tiki Hut Needs a Thatched Roof

A tiki hut can be the ultimate place for you to relax and enjoy a beautiful summer day. Whether you are getting a tiki hut for your backyard or beach house, you need to think about the roof. Some people may choose to get a more modern roof for their hut. If you are thinking … Read more

Our Guide for Using Thatch Rolls Outdoors

If you want a tropical theme for your backyard, installing tiki torches and a living wall of hibiscus and bamboo can be a great idea. To bring out the tropical ambience even further, you can place thatch rolls in strategic spots in your backyard. Palm leaves are used to make natural thatch rolls. The leaves … Read more

5 Misconceptions About Thatched Roofs

There are a lot of myths and false information about thatched roofing. Some sources will tell you that thatch is a terrible roofing material because it is not waterproof or it will make your house more vulnerable to fire because of the flammable material. These statements are completely false, and it is important that we … Read more

Palm Beach County Tiki Hut Rethatching

Living in Palm Beach County & need a rethatch for your tiki hut? Then consider Monster Tiki Huts, the premier builders of tiki huts in the treasure coast. There is no tiki that Monster cannot replace the roof on. Working in all of the Palm Beaches & beyond for many years, we can rethatch your … Read more

Thatch Roofing for Attractions – What to Know

If you are going for a tropical vibe at your resort or theme park, thatch is the way to go. High-quality thatch can last many years if installed by a professional and maintained well. Synthetic thatch is easy to install, whereas natural thatch will take someone who has the skill to install thatch the traditional … Read more

Rethatch your Tiki Hut in Miami Florida

When looking for a tiki hut rethatch, consider Monster Tiki Huts, premier builders of tiki huts and chickee huts in Miami Florida. For many years Monster Tiki has operated in and around the Miami area. Our team will be more than happy to assist you in your next tiki hut rethatching!  Monster Tiki will work … Read more

A Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Palapa

If you’re looking for a project to do before summer comes into full swing, building a palapa in your backyard might just be what you’re looking for! A palapa is a structure with no wall with a thatched roof, similar to a tiki hut in a way. These things are designed so that wind can … Read more