Tiki Hut Permits In Florida

Getting a Tiki Hut For Your Backyard? If so, wondering if a tiki hut requires a permit is the first thing you should think about. A tiki hut addition to your backyard or business can really make a difference. With its cool shade and tropical appearance, it can uplift the whole ambiance. Tiki Huts are great for daily use so its no wonder why more and more people are looking to install tiki huts in their backyard or business. With more than a decade in building tiki huts in Florida. Monster Tiki has the experience you need to make an educated decision for permitting purposes. 

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Do I Need a Permit to Build a Tiki Hut?

In Florida, Tiki Huts require permitting. To obtain the permit, you have to get a signed and sealed design by a licensed architect. If you’re thinking about purchasing a tiki hut, your best course of action is to visit your city or county’s government website. There you’ll learn about the specific laws and building codes in your area. Of course, you can always give your local government offices a phone call and speak with someone regarding your plans to get a tiki hut.

Knowing the Local Permit Requirements & Setbacks

When it comes to building your tiki hut, knowing the setbacks and any easements on your property is among the most important aspects and should affect your decision on placement, style and most importantly, availability to place a tiki hut in your backyard. Some local jurisdictions have strict regulations on what is allowed and what is not allowed in your property. Knowing these things in advance will save you, and your contractor both time, and money.

?Risks of placing Tiki Huts on Easements or within setbacks?

Think of a tiki hut as a shed, which is also an accessory structure. Typically you will need to have it removed and placed elsewhere. For tiki huts. This can mean demolishing and rebuilding from scratch, expensive fines and even legal disputes on who is to be responsible for the placement.

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Why Is It So Important to Research Building Codes Before Getting a Tiki Hut?

Do I need a permit to build a tiki hut? Finding out the answer to this question before beginning the building project can save you a lot of headaches. Even though I’m excited about the prospect of you buying a tiki hut from me to go on your property, You need to get the facts on a building permit first. If someone were to build a tiki hut, barn or other structure on his or her property without a building permit, the person could get slapped with a fine for not going through the proper channels. Also, if the tiki hut is too close to a property line, the person may have to take down the tiki hut and start all over again.  Or in the case of Monster Tiki, you would have to pay for us to move it not to mention the cost to get the plans and permits. Take into account breaking concrete slabs, pavers, etc. Taking a little time to research building and zoning codes is certainly worth your time. 

What Sort of Information Goes Onto a Building Permit Application?

If you do need a permit for a tiki hut, you’ll have to put all of your contact information on the application. A site plan also plays a part in the application process. You’ll need to know the square footage of the tiki hut or other structure. The estimated valuation is also put onto the application and there’s usually a fee that goes along with this part of the process. The application will be considered for approval by the city or county.

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