Tiki Hut Roof Replacement

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Tiki Hut Roof Replacement

When your tiki hut roof looks worn down and thin, and you can start to see water coming through, then its time for a tiki hut roof replacement, this is important to obtain in time, otherwise you will be leaving your wood structure exposed, and will need to replace wood, making the rethatch be more expensive then it needs to be. Start with a new tiki hut roof by knowing when you tiki hut roof is deteriorated,this will provide you a nice tiki hut reroof and also peace of mind knowing you will save yourself money! 

Do all tiki hut thatchers thatch the same?

The answer is a plain no. Some thatchers do not have the experience, some do not have the workmanship required to thatch your tiki hut correctly. At Monster Tiki all of our team are not only prepared but also trained through vast years of everyday activity. This makes our team a more likely choice in your pick and customer satisfaction experience. 

For Monster  Tiki There is no HARD JOB,We have done them all

When looking for a tiki hut roof replacement, think Monster Tiki, our team is the best in Florida for all tiki hut reroofs. We will start your project by removing all the old and worn down palms leaves from your roof, inspecting the wood members to ensure they are still in good condition, replacing any if need be and then hauling away all of the old palm leaves. Once this phase is completed, we will bring in new palm leaves for the new thatch roof. Not only will we thatch the palm leaves nice but also professionally with experience we have acquired through many years of hard work and dedication. 

What Part of Florida does Monster Tiki work in ?

Monster Tiki is a Florida statewide licensed contractor who can work in any part of Florida. We travel to the Florida Keys, the upper Florida areas, Tallahassee and surrounding areas, to the west palm beach and treasure coast areas and to anywhere in our local area of Southwest Florida such as Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral,Marco Island and more. So if you’re thinking of a new tiki hut roof replacement, think MONSTER TIKI! 

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