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Are you ready to install your tiki hut in Okeechobee Florida? We are the best builders of residential tiki huts & commercial tiki hut builds. The tiki huts we can install for your backyard will make the the difference in the way your spend your time outdoors. 

Made by Florida’s’ best materials, natural cypress and/or choice of pressure treated pine lumber and authentic palm leaves, we will convert your backyard into a TROPICAL OASIS. Monster Tiki can build your tropical outdoor living space in Okeechobee Florida & surrounding areas with.

  • Backyard Tiki Huts
  • Commercial Tiki Huts
  • Custom Tiki Hut Designs
  • Pavers Installation for Tiki Huts 
Tiki Huts & Chickee Huts

If you can envision a backyard paradise in Okeechobee, we can create it, and what’s more, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO. WE CREATE ART! Are you ready to create the ultimate backyard tiki hut paradise? If so, contact us for a FREE consultation customized to your size and requirements!

Benefits of Owning a Tiki hut

offers a place to relax

protection from the scorching sun & harmful UV rays​

outdoor living space​

great entertainment outdoor living space​

attractive add-on to the backyard​

can use it as a shade, whereby a tiki hut is approx. 10-15 degrees cooler underneath​

Monster tiki services Okeechobee florida

tiki hut Construction,Repairs & Re-thatch

Monster Tiki can build any custom tiki hut you want to install in your backyard,patios,concrete pad,pavers or decks. Customize your tiki hut layout, and choose what type of wood you want for your structure, we can incorporate different finish styles. We have built custom tiki huts such as pentagon, octagon and many more.

Tiki Huts

Florida is Notorious for the weather changes, this fact impacts the durability of the thatch on your tiki hut. Yet while, yes, some things are out of your hand, the way the tiki hut is thatched will also affect the durability of your tiki hut. This means, that if not thatched correct, not only will your tiki hut thatch not last as long, but you may also see some defects sooner then later. Count on us for all your rethatch projects. We will remove all of the old thatch, haul it away and bring in new palm leaves for your new tiki hut roof.

Monster Tiki knows every backyard is unique and different, your tiki has to be as unique as your backyard, we can help designing it, give us your ideas and we can work together to accomplish the ultimate backyard tiki hut paradise. Our team will provide specs to Florida Certified Architect to stamp and seal the design and make it completely yours.

If you find yourself looking for shade after a nice swim, consider adding a custom tiki hut as a poolside tiki hut, our tiki huts are a perfectly private and fresh poolside structure. Add your own furniture to your tiki hut and make it completely yours. 

Build a tiki hut over your deck, it makes the perfect shade structure. By installing a tiki hut on your deck, add a picnic table and you’re set for a fun and perfect place for entertainment with family and friend or after a nice boat ride, come back and relax under the shade. Use your own custom tiki hut as a place to clean your fishes or a place to enjoy eating them afterward.

Monster Tiki Can install and service hotels, restaurants, villas, private homes, bars, retirement communities, golf courses,clubhouses, event venues, beachfront condos and any commercial location in Florida. Full Scale Tiki Hut Design & Development Services. 


  • •Tiki Hut Cabanas
  • •Tiki Huts
  • •Chickee Huts
  • •Shade For Pool Areas
  • •Tiki Huts For Commercial Applications


Where Can Tiki Huts Be Installed?

  • Tiki Huts over Canals & Waterways
  • Tiki Huts over Concrete Slabs
  • Tiki Huts over Pavers
  • Tiki Huts on Decks
  • Tiki Huts on Water
  • Tiki Huts on Docks
  • Tiki Huts in Backyards
  • We build tiki huts in hotels, restaurants, villas, private homes, bars, retirement communities, golf courses,clubhouses, event venues, beachfront condos and any commercial or residential area in Florida.


Monster Tiki Services for Okeechobee County & Beyond

Proud builders of custom tiki huts in all of Okeechobee County. Our tiki hut construction/building is based off true and tried designs by a licensed Florida architectural designs engineered for Florida’s highest wind rating.

Our structures are meant to last 15+ years and withstand the test of time. Monster Tiki is ready for your residential & commercial builds in Okeechobee & beyond!

Do You already have a tiki hut or chickee and need re-roofing? Dont worry, we are the tiki hut rethatch experts. Contact us  and learn how we can remove all of the old palms and renew your thatch roof. We will provide the best “tiki lift” for your custom tiki hut and you will once again enjoy the freshest shade Florida has to offer!

The Tiki Huts we build are made of natural cypress trees. A type of tree that that lives, grows and thrives in the wetlands. This tree is also smooth and easy to work with, thus making it an excellent choice for tiki hut construction and thatched with the best palm leaves Florida has to offer, the natural sable palmetto!  Our custom tiki hut builders will more than build you a backyard getaway or tropical paradise, we will build you a work of art, that you will not only admire but also enjoy. 

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